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For our translation and interpreting services, we use the best mother-tongue professionals on the market, with proven training and experience, as required by international standards. Each translation is the result of a team of highly specialised translators whose selection is taken care of by the Project Manager in compliance with our Quality System procedures, thus guaranteeing the excellence of the service provided.

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This type of translation requires meticulousness, dedication and sector expertise. For our technical translation services we employ professionals with proven experience in the specific field of reference, experts in multilingual terminology research who are able to offer an accurate and technically effective product. Technical translation is an important strength of ours and we are committed to ensuring the highest accuracy and quality in every project. We use advanced terminology management tools and translation memory to ensure consistency and constant updates. Our integrated approach includes a rigorous review and quality control process, involving experienced reviewers and industry specialists, to ensure that the final product is accurate and technically effective.

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The internationalisation of a company is an incredibly delicate process. Marketing is the most direct tool for making oneself known in the shortest possible time. Websites, promotional advertisements and advertising messages to be presented in an international landscape must meet the specific requirements of the target country, not only in terms of linguistic presentation and compliance with customs, culture, rules and standards, but also in the different forms and methods of communication. Our marketing translators not only master the language, but also understand the cultural and psychological nuances required to create content suitable for local audiences, thereby increasing the effectiveness of international advertising campaigns.


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Post-editing is a fundamental process that combines the efficiency of machine translation with the accuracy and quality of human work. This approach consists of the revision and correction of texts automatically translated by machine translation software by an experienced human translator. Post-editing is an indispensable process in the modern translation world, where the demand for multilingual content is constantly growing. This process combines the power of machine translation with human expertise. This process ensures that the translated texts are not only fast and convenient, but also accurate and contextually appropriate.

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More often than not, specific skills are required to understand the expressions used in texts with legal value. It is clear, therefore, that precision and rigour are essential for successful legal translations. The first step is to contact translators who not only have a perfect knowledge of the two languages involved in the translation process, but who also have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter of the text to be translated and the legal system of the countries involved. Our legal translators are experienced in dealing with a wide range of legal documents, ensuring that every word is accurately translated and that the legal meaning is kept intact.

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Sworn translation, i.e. the sworn translation of a document or legal act, is used in all cases where an official attestation by the translator of the complete correspondence of the translated text to the original text is required. A sworn translation or asseveration is required if it is to be officially enforced before a public body. For each type of document, BASCAM carries out the translation, sworn translation, legalisation (if required, in the Public Prosecutor's Office or Prefecture) and, if necessary, the consular visa procedure. Our team of experts handles each step of the process with the utmost care, ensuring that the translated documents are accepted and recognised by the competent authorities.

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We offer simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and chuchotage interpreting services. What do you need? We can provide essential support in all those communicative contexts where immediate translation is required, such as congresses, conventions, meetings and teleconferences where translation into several foreign languages is required. The interpreter builds a true pact of complicity with clients. We guarantee the use of professionals who are aligned to the linguistic components of the dialogue, enabling a clear understanding of terminological variables. Our interpreting service ensures that communication between the parties is fluid and precise, eliminating language and cultural barriers.

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