BASCAM is a multi-service company that provides the personalised solutions you’ve been looking for.We provide translation, interpreting, and technical documentation services, ensuring quality, efficiency, and fast turnaround.


If you’re looking for a fast and efficient service, look no further.

BASCAM is a dynamic and innovative company. We will support you in your internationalisation process through our select collaborators and the use of state-of-the-art technology.

During this process, you want a professional partner who will always be there for you. Our team will do just that every step of the way.

In a world that is moving fast and in which the means of communication keep changing, we remain competitive by investing in resources and technology.

We provide language solutions through a global network of translators and interpreters and take care of graphic design and multilingual desktop publishing. Whatever you need, we have the answer.

And if you need help with your technical documentation, we can draw them up for you for various sectors and in compliance with the European and non-European standards in force, supporting you from the design to the printing phase.

Our focus on quality allows us to manage any type of project – from the smallest to the most complex – ensuring the utmost confidentiality.


We provide translation and interpreting services relying on native-speaking professionals with proven qualifications and experience, as required by the international standards in force.
Each translation will be entrusted to a team of highly qualified translators selected by one of our project managers according to our quality control process.

We provide personalised services and solutions that meet your requirements. Our personnel use the most advanced software and have competencies in several sectors. If you have any question, they’ll be happy to answer.


This wealth of skills and competencies allows us to always find the best solution for you. Use and maintenance guides, risk analysis, technical files, and product catalogues are only a few of the documents we can draw up for you.